Monday, February 25, 2008

Pic-nickering Days

Picnicing weather is here!!! I love picnicing weather. (What a unique word. Picnic. I wonder where it came from.) It's the kind of weather that makes you want to kick off your winter boots, peel off your woolen socks, and let your toes reunite with old friends. Old friends like grass, dirt, the sun, lakes, the ocean, the sand. There is still enough crispness in the air so that you don't forget the winter past and are more appreciative of the suns warmth.

These kind of days remind me of May back in Idaho. Hiding in the deep shadows of our forsythia bush by the front walk are left-over patches of icey snow, dirty and forgotten. The forlorn remnants of a once smiling snowman lie dejected in the middle of our front yard, surrounded by grass that is just starting to turn the slightest tinge of green. Joel and I race out the door, barefoot, with Chestnut right behind. We squeal and run a little faster as our winter-naive toes hit the frigid stone sidewalk. The door slams behind us and the faint tinkle of the musical door harp sounds almost ethereal in the background. The day is full of endless possibilities. There are bikes to be ridden, forts to be built, trails to be cleared, trees to be climbed, and a father to be persuaded to play basketball. Schoolwork can be caught up on tomorrow.

Maybe we'll even set up a tent outside and sleep out there for the next few weeks. "What? No? But why not, Mom? It's not that cold outside. The last of the snow will be melted by tomorrow. We'll be fine! We get lots of blankets, we promise!" ... ... "Ok, *sigh* we'll wait until June."

Today is full of endless possibilities! What are you going to do with it?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Christy! Just yesterday I had to go and study outside 'cause I couldn't bear being indoors anymore. Have fun on break (LOL...I guess I'll be with you) - Allie

Kelsey said...

Oh dear... the thought was a bit premature as I still have a full day of school tomorrow. But I suppose all good things are worth waiting for... (sigh) two days left...

Little Christen said...

What a lovely image! And yes, I agree too. I actually got to eat outside earlier this week. It was wonderful. :D

Little Christen said...

P.S. Thanks to linguistics class, I have the history of all words at my fingertips.

Picnic as a noun:

Originally: a fashionable social event at which each guest contributed a share of the food (obs.). Now: an informal meal eaten out of doors, esp. as part of an excursion to the countryside, coast, etc.

The first use recorded was in 1748.

Caitlin said...


thats awesome my dear little christin! very interesting - 1748 wow!

So perhaps the feeding of the five thousand was not considered a picnic!

... today, hmmm... so many possibilities - but I will stop and smell the crocus's!

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