Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Folding Laundy In Neat Little Squares" How-To:

1. Get two crazy people in the same room

2. Fold and Color Coordinate
3. Take picture of pretty stack

4. Put laundry away (eventually)


sarah paris said...

brilliant. if i do say so myself =D

Krokodyl said...

Seems like two people back at SAU have a little to much time on their hands... I left my apartment at 7AM and just got back. Its nearly 11PM. To even wash laundry is barely possible let alone, to fold them in "nice little square stacks."

But, I must say it looks nice!

Christy said...

Well... Actually... I kinda "forgot" to mention that I haven't done laundry in about a month (due to lack of time) and when I did have time to do it (last sunday) I didn't have time to fold it. So my laundry had been sitting in my laundry bag on my floor for about a week until I had the time. I was so excited that FINALLY my laundry was folded and put away that i decided to blog about it. lol.

Kelsey said...

LOL... I love the expressions in the first photo. Nice stacks of laundry: satisfying, isn't it?

Caitlin said...

pleasantly shocked.
and bemused.

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