Tuesday, September 16, 2008

how perfectly odd

20:13 me: Jon, I have to write a paper on this book called Silence by Shusaku Endo. it's a historical fiction about the persecution of the Catholic Christian church in Japan in the 1600's. its a very discouraging book (i had to keep reminding myself that it was FICTION) but asks a bunch of tough questions. i think you would like it. well, no, not LIKE it, but, like me, be made to ask hard questions because of it
20:14 Jon: hmm...maybe i'll have to read it then..it's on my list of books to read now..
20:15 me: maybe i can send it your way once i get the paper read. i got it off of amazon real cheap
20:16 and now i'm about to do something ridiculous, especially since i have this big paper looming on a book that is very confusing and my thoughts are all mottled about and so therefore it makes writing a coherent paper very difficult. anyway, i'm putting on HAPPY music (big step since that hasn't been the trend of late), sitting down with my mug, and pouring myself a nice cup of sparkling apple juice. now isn't that odd?
20:18 Jon: yes and no..yes because that hasn't been the recent trend and no because that's the christy i know
20:21 me: i'm glad there is still a little of the old me left
Jon: i'm glad too
20:22 i knew it was in there somewhere..
20:25 me: its a very odd feeling to be listening to happy music, drinking happy apple juice, and contemplating torture, apostasizing, and the skeleton that is the catholic church
20:29 Jon: hmm..
oh..the irony!
20:30 me: aha! and for a new blog! (i haven't posted this many blogs in forever!) I'm going to use this recent chat as my next blog! What do you think about that!?
20:34 Jon: i think that you like to blog excessively..j/k
i think that would be a good idea
i just wanted to say that cuz if you put it on the blog..then it'd be on there too
me: along with a picture that i just took! you'll have to go take a look!
20:35 yep! isn't this exciting?! You're going to be famous!
20:36 Jon: hahaha...you're hilarious
alright..well i've been grading but i gotta go..
i'll ttyl

6 minutes
20:44 me: now, at what point should i stop this conversation and copy & paste it to my blog
oh, well, i guess now would be a good time. since you're gone. bye :)

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Caitlin said...

I miss Jon Van Ornem! We should elect him to be an ambassador from the cold north country. Then this would nessecitate a visit of foriegn policy in which discussions on the embargo of grass containing granola, and epidemic chicken pox would be top priority.

The losability of your Christy Joyness is very low, it only gets a bit dusty every now and then due to the debris of maturity.

...happy apple juice.. ;) do I detect a Jenism?

please plan on frequent visitation to the house of Kiwi, and rabbit like bird.

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