Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?

This question was posed to us during our Transitions in Nursing class this afternoon. It doesn't sound like a typical nursing question, does it? We were discussing teaching methods and right brain learners versus left brain learners. I had been doing NCLEX questions but I perked up when I heard this question. This discussion could be intriguing!

Many people chose animals like a dog, a cat, a bird, or a lion. A few picked giraffes, which was pretty interesting. They said they liked the idea of being taller than other animals. Apparently, why you pick a certain animal is very revealing.

Here's what I picked and why:

Graceful strength
Wild and untamed

And yet a wolf has the ability to be completely tender and devoted

What animal would you be and why?


Allana said...

wow! my very favorite animal...

Allie says she'd be a swallow or a mountain lion. Do you see the comparisons?

Jonas said...

A frog.

Christy said...

Don't forget to tell why!!!

I'm especially curious about the frog.... :D

Alex said...

I've often thought about this for other people but never for myself... and I always need to use animals with which I am familiar to really make a good comparison which greatly reduces the number of animals I can choose from. There is also something to be said for saying what I am like verses what I would like to be thought of like. Some that come to mind are: Northern Pike, Bumblebee (a female of course), and the common Loon.

barry said...

Wandering Albatross:

To travel the longest and farthest, scorning all storms, fearing not the widest, wildest and most weary wilderness

To circle around lonely lost sailors, offering the truest encouragement of demonstrated, living hope

To be alone, soar, suffer, survive, and then perhaps best of all, to return, return to a little island of sand and grass, return to my nest, a beautiful nest, beautiful as a respit for the next long haul, a haul for my nest, a haul of hope shared and hope returned on the wild and lonely seas, and a haul just for the sake of a 1000 mile jaunt in a hurricane.

Kelsey said...

Wow, Christy. Have you read our board lately in the SA office? That question is our question of the week this week.

I would want to be Chickadee. They're small and happy and make pleasant noises. They are always nestled comfortably in their coats of black, white, and gray feathers. They live in snowy cold places and get to enjoy the silence of winter forests as they flit between fragrant evergreens.

Christy said...

Alex: Yay! The common loon! I liked your other choices too... but especially the loon! And the question was, what animal WOULD you be. Not what animal ARE you. I agree, there could be two VERY different answers!

Barry: A 1,000 mile jaunt in a hurricane would be incredible! Maybe instead of National Park hopping during spring break, we should go tornado and hurricane chasing! I've always wanted to... Or what about an all expense paid trip to Saturn. They had a big "hurricane" there a few years back. Do you think the school would approve it? lol

Kelsey: No, I haven't read your board but that's neat that we've been thinking alike :D Maybe your chickadee and my wolf can be friends and we can play amongst the snowy evergreens together :)

Little Christen said...

I suppose I would like to be my absolute favorite animal--an ELEPHANT! :D Female elephant's live in herds for their whole lives and help each other raise the young elephants. Elephants are huge and unique. They can run fast, give themselves fun showers, play a lot, and they're vegetarians who go through 7 sets of teeth in their lifetimes! They're also all wrinkly and cute. They can be tamed, but I'd prefer to be a wild elephant because they're free and work together to keep each other safe from danger. Oh, and also, elephants exhibit tendencies to love and they NEVER FORGET. :)I guess I'd want to be an elephant because I don't care much for change, I love my friends and would like to keep them around for the rest of my life, and I also enjoy being independent, loving others, having a sharp memory, and having fun.

Jonas said...

Once when spying on a frog in our pond, I thought I heard him say:

"I, fly, swim thou in me... that I may fly for thee...

Gentle breezes caress... my pond-home, green blessed...

While sunshine drops... in Golden Aliquots..."

And that's why I'd be a frog.

Timothy said...

What kind of animal would I be? I'm not sure how this applies to nursing even if it does tell you something about the person. I think I would be lily -livered, yellow-bellied sapsucker, JK but I do think that is an awesome bird. I think I would be a...shoot I can't think of it. Maybe some other time

barry said...

Timothy, my dear man, I'm afraid you suffer from a severe lack of decision or memory. Perhaps some of the good nurses in this blogsphere can diagnose your most distressing and uncommunicative ailment.

Caitlin said...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I kinda like being a human ;)

... though it certainly has limitations on occasion... which I was feeling keenly as I was watching the vultures play on the storm front the other day, gliding, diving (100 ft. free falls), careening across the invisible waves of air - it was inspiring!
But I don't want to be a vulture!

Within the bird category; I've always been partial to the wood thrush. Since childhood, I always found their song intriguing in the twilight of Southern forests. Water-like in quality, the most enchanting bird song I have heard. Yet they are a challenging bird to see, for they enjoy the secrets of the woods and are content to bless the world from there.

I want my life to be like the music of the wood thrush.

emily said...

A horse:
Apart from being individually unique, brave, strong, majestic, beautiful, loving, healing, and, and dear friends to humankind, yes, apart from all of that... I think that they are a mighty fine creature. mighty fine.

linnaea borealis said...

I might want to be a deer on good behavior for several reasons. I like the subtle way they add to the beauty of nature- no gawky or boastful announcements, just a peaceful passing by that uplifts the mind to the Creator. I like their grace, alertness, and sense of adventure, too- though I would hope for an upgrade on the brains-to-adventure ratio when I come to the road crossings in life.

Lorrie said...

I would be a cat. Curious and cute :) Scampering about and then perched in a tree looking down upon the happenings of the day. In the evening I would purr contentedly in a warm corner.

bonzobuddybear said...

I remember having this question asked in a Sabbath School over ten years ago, and my answer was a homing pigeon. It's very ordinary, unremarkable bird--nothing unusual on the outside. Its distinguishing characteristic is its singlemindedness and total devotion. My home is heaven, and until I can head for that one, my home on earth is the most attractive place to be.

Ironically, though, I have this fantastic thirst to explore, travel and see the world. I always intended to travel Europe with nothing but a backpack on my back and a song in my heart. I fell in love with the people in the longhouses in Borneo. I never managed to spend much time overseas, though, and now, who knows, I probably wouldn't spend my money that way if I could. So maybe the other distinguishing characteristic that would make me a homing pigeon is a longing to go other places in order to enjoy coming home.

And, you know, maybe the greatest part of being a homing pigeon would be the flying.

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