Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Donjon Balderdash

A night of spring break road-trip planning had ended. Keys were gathered, cell-phones collected, and shoes tied. Four of the spring-breakers - Andrew, John Elliott, Shama, and Timothy - all gave their respects to the host, Kelsey, and went on their way.

A few slower, rather lazy, souls dragged behind. Why was everyone hurrying back to the dorm anyway? Only homework awaited there. Why the need to be hasty? And so the five remaining spring-breakers - Jonathan, Linnea, Kelsey, Barry, and Christy remained sprawled in their post-smoothie states. Eventually, it was decided to venture into the realms of Balderdash. After discussing the games merit (or the proposed lack thereof), they settled down in earnest to drink good tea, pick the most obscure words, and write the most convincing definitions.

As the evening ended (this time for real) a proposition was made: each should take their word and create a blog.

...and so I did.


Actual definition - the inner tower of a castle (haha, get it? Donjon = DUNGEON!! I thought it quite ingenius myself - the dictionary was the one who pointed it out!)
Barry - a pejorative term for an inexperienced sailor
Jonathan - the tassel or streamer on a Choktaw indian's ceremonial headdress
Linnea - a sickle shaped device used for farming in Central and South America
Christy - the slang term for full body long-underwear
Kelsey - ??? (Kelsey, yours is missing? Do you remember what it was?)

There once was a donjon who thought he was smart
He pretended to know all about sailing and art
But then one day, while off on a lark
He tumbled overboard and was taken by a shark!

The shark, you see, was really quite the chap
For there in his lap
Lay a distracting feather cap
(A donjon to be sure) My what a trap!

The sailor, of course,
almost went hoarse
calling from the shark's donjon with such remorse
"Let me out! This place smells even worse!"

Donjon's kept him warm
all throughout the storm
But my, did he squirm
Until the shark he did spurn

His trusty donjon in hand
(He was finally going to act like a man!)
That shark he sure outswam
And headed in haste for dry land


Kelsey said...

You lost mine!?!

LOL oh well. Was that the device in a sprinkler head that causes it to oscillate? or was that a different one I made that definition for?

Well done. :)

Little Christen said...


emily said...

Rather impressive!

barry said...

Hey, did I miss that picture when I first read this post or did you go back and add it later?

Christy said...

lol, no, it was there the whole time :)

barry said...

and isn't the whole poem different now too? Maybe I'm losing my mind

Christy said...

Maybe you are ;) The poem is the same... I had talked about adding another verse with Kelsey's definition but I never mustered up the energy.

barry said...

Oh dear, and oh well. At least you can't miss cracks in my pedestal

Christy said...

hahaha - it's crumbling around you as we speak.

How funny - never has an insult seemed so nice.

barry said...

Never has an insult sounded so much like a reassurance either.

Observation: we are approximating an IM on a blog, which is rather rediculous, funny, and creative, if you ask me.

barry said...

I also like the fact that almost certainly, this particular blog will never get another look from your faithful readership, but the number of comments continues to skyrocket.

Christy said...

Well, I wouldn't want to jeopardize the Howe pride about not spending excess time on chat. But, for the persistent communicator, there are ways to get around it, for sure - a fact, which I must admit, I am quite proud of :P

Christy said...

I wonder if I inadvertently stopped our rather amusing blog version of an IM with that last comment...

barry said...

As you said in the bus, I was just at Trout rehersal.

Revel in your pride while I revel in another comment.

Christy said...

The revelry has ended but might start up again if the comments continue. But don't let that stop you - I need to deal with pride every now and then ;)

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