Sunday, February 01, 2009

A post with an inordinate amount of pictures... I make no apologies!


Music with Scott:

Sepia Feet:

Timmy Morgan G:
Rock Climbers:

Kelsey and her compadre, Linnea:



Little Christen said...

That's a beautiful place with the waterfall! Where is that?

Christy said...

Cloudland Canyon :) It's up past look-out mtn

Sorry I missed Jen's call last night. I hope you guys had fun :D :D

barry said...

What's that leaf doing there? I like that picture

Christy said...

It was just there :)

...and I agree, next time we should close our eyes as we pass the signs and do some exploring. I bet there are a million other leaves just waiting to be photographed ;)

Caitlin said...

Dearest Christy,

I love all the pictures!!! Thanks for documenting life :) It is really fun to have a min. to catch up on what has been happening. I like the feet pics. and the leaf one :) and the one of Linnea laughing especially! So much fun - all of them!

Heart hugs!

... I'm waiting for gmail to load, it is really slow, I can't seem toget the reg. version to upload...
Hopefully I'll be sending stories soon. :)

emily said...

i especially appreciate the one of mr. "Timmy Morgan G."

Timothy said...

I can't believe you didn't delete that picture of me standing there like a dimwit.

Christy said...

lol, timothy, I DID delete that one! This one isn't it!


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