Monday, March 02, 2009

Roadtrip Wisdom

Me: "It's interesting how some of the rivers we pass are frozen and some of them aren't"
Jonathan: "It probably depends on how fast the river is going."
Kelsey: "...and how deep."

Thought: People are like rivers. The deeper they run, the less affected they are by external circumstance.


Alex said...

Very true... another important factor is whether or not they have springs in, or flowing into them... no matter how cold it is the area around a spring doesn't freeze.

Katie said...

mmm...good thought Christy. ;-)

emily said...

I don't want a character that has hypothermia.

Anonymous said...

yeah. although deep rivers are always changing, just you TRY to change a deep river!!!!

Kelsey said...

Change a river... one pebble at a time. ;)

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