Sunday, October 11, 2009

Allow me to brag...

So, I have these friends. Their names are Doug and John. They are best friends.
They ran a marathon today. A trail marathon. A mystery trail marathon. A beastly mystery trail marathon! It was an intense course in the hills of Georgia that had tons of climbs and very technically difficult trails.

Now here are the stats:
Doug - age 23, has never run a marathon before (until today)
John - age 20, has only run one marathon and it was a road marathon (until today)

Are you ready for the really good part?.......

THEY CAME IN TOGETHER AND GOT 3RD AND 4TH PLACE FOR THE WHOLE ENTIRE MARATHON!!!!!! (4 hours, 20 minutes... just in case you were wondering)

Yeah... they were pretty awesome! I had the privilege of cheering them on, being their water-bottle holders, taking pictures, and running the last mile or so with them. I want John to be able to post most of the pictures on his blog, but here's a few teasers for you :)

Pre-race banana-feast!

I love this picture! Definitely in the moment! They were about 12 miles into the race at this point. They were also already in 3rd and 4th place overall-a spot they held for the rest of the race!
(If John doesn't post a satisfactory amount of pictures up, I'll be sure to post the rest later because there are some awesome ones!!)


Jonas said...

Three cheers for Christy Kurtz:

1. For taking time out of her busy schedule to support us.
2. For shepherding me towards soup and warm clothes in my post-race exhaustion / Driving us home.
3. For providing food, drink, and encouragement when we needed it most.

We ran a better race because of you.

hip hip... HURRAH!

The View from Great Island said...

Yes thank-you Christy for helping them. To do well in a race is great but to get them home safely in one piece is the real prize which belongs to you.

Christy Joy said...

It was my privilege to be able to help! :)

Kelsey said...

Way to go, Doug and John! Congratulate them for me!

Blogger works, but it's slow... but I wanted to tell you "Hi!"

Love ya!

Christy Joy said...

Hi Kelsey! That's awesome that you can get through to blogger! It's definitely a suprirse to hear from you!

I've been reading your blogs. It sounds like you're staying busy.. ...and much, much more.

We miss you!

Andrew Whtilow said...

Congratulations! I am looking forward to my first trail marathon.

barry said...

That picture is so awesome.

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