Thursday, October 08, 2009

Last of Camp Pictures

I never found time to post a general collection of camp pictures from this summer. Things were so hectic and crazy the last weeks before school started that I never got around to it. These last 3 blogs more than make up for it! Hope you enjoy the pictures! (Note: My camera was broken most of the summer so most of these are not my own, although some of them I did take with other people's cameras.)

I was determined to learn how to windsurf this summer. While I did manage to achieve a marginal level of proficiency in the sport by the end of the summer, much of my time was spent falling off and climbing back on, as the picture below depicts!
My brother, on the other hand, is quite the pro!
Clowning around at a rodeo
Canoeing with my beautiful Mother on a beautiful lake
Shams and my self portrait at the top of Ampersand Mountain
Day off #? Kristin and I went hiking!
I love this picture of Saranac Lake. (Kristin took it.) I think it conveys the feel of the place quite well. It's quite the artsy place and, after our hike, Kristin and I spent a while perusing art galleries! That's where I met Mark Kurtz. Read about it here.
Lizzy and I made a sand-castle/mound!
This was right after Lizzy saw that I had no pudding, so she went and got me a bowl. I was very excited that Lizzy knows the correct way to eat pudding (with the spoon flipped DOWN!)
The premier shower location at Camp Cherokee: THE LAKE! (Sshhh, don't tell P.Dan! ;D)
My handsome brother
Jackie, Meggan, and I on our last Sabbath at Chapel Island
The girls of camp cherokee's one last "hurrah" before camp ended

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Katie said...

Camp is so amazing...I am going to miss you all this weekend!! :_( but you'll all be in my thoughts, and hugs from me. :D

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