Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas from Massachusetts

Christmas this year has been great!  Yes, I know, it's not technically Christmas yet.  But I've already gotten the best Christmas present ever in the form of a young man flying back from Kyrgyzstan!  Therefore, I can safely conclude that this Christmas is the best yet.  (Besides, my Dad is actually wrapping his presents ON CHRISTMAS EVE instead of the morning of! That is record breaking!!!!!)

My family and I are cozily enjoying our first Christmas in Massachusetts.  We like it just fine, but mainly because we tend to prefer each other more than wherever we happen to be at the moment.  North Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts... It matters not.  We love each other.

Love to you all, especially you (bjh) ;)
Happy Christmas!

p.s. Sledding Picture!


Joel said...

Hey, nice picture! Too bad we don't have one of you guys in action--you were just going too fast!

You're right--it's the people that matter, not the location. Glad you found a good one :)

Johonn said...

Happy Christmas to you too, Christy, and Congratulations!! :)

btw, remember what you were saying last year when we were in my apt eating ice cream while waiting out the tornado? I think you were right... :)

Lorrie said...

Very cute! A merry Christmas you are having!

Jackie said...

OH! I'm so glad I can see you guys together, though it would be much better in person :) Merry Christmas!!

Ali said...

Congrats to you both! Love the sledding picture. I remember when you got that toque in Amsterdam:) Have a great Christmas, although it sounds like your holiday has been spectacular already.

Christen said...

Great picture! Congratulations! :D

Alice Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you are having a good Christmas. We just have a dusting of snow so far this year, but are definitely hoping for more. :) I MISS YOU!!!! And I am so incredibly happy for you and Barry. :) I love you!

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