Monday, January 04, 2010

God is good, ALL the time

So... I've had a rather eventful Christmas break.  Would you like to hear about it?

Barry flew back from Kyrgyzstan on the 20th and I surprised him at the airport :)  Boy was I happy to see him.  Two days later, we went on an excursion (i.e. date) to Boston.  That evening, he asked me to marry him and I said yes.  :)

The next week and a half were filled with a host of good, no -- amazing, times with both of our families.  We cooked, did some traditional sledding, hiked, did some back-country skiing and sledding, sat in front of the fire, played monopoly, sang, played our instruments, sat on the couch and held hands ;), made a basket with much help from Uncle Tim, and tons of other great things.  Those were the best two weeks of my entire life and they ended way too quickly.

On Sunday, as we were driving out to take Barry back to the airport, we slid off the road and hit a tree.  I was sitting in the middle of the backseat which only had a lap seatbelt with no shoulder belt.  The force on the impact threw my head forwards and my knee up and the combination of the two was not pretty.  The good news is that I finally got a black eye!  The bad news is that I also broke my maxilla and orbital and will be having reconstructive facial surgery on Wednesday.

But you know what?  God is good.  And not just because I'm engaged to the most incredible man on earth, although that is definitely a huge part of it.  But God is also good when my face is smashed in and my eye is swollen shut.  No one else was hurt, Dr. Howe took me directly into the hospital, my surgeon is extremely nice and competent, and my family is wonderful, doing everything they can to take care of me.  God is good, I'm alive, and I'm also engaged! :)

Happy New Year!


Thomas said...


Johonn said...

I hope you have a good surgery, and recover fast!

Jonas said...


Glad to hear that you can manage such high spirits in the midst of all that pain. I'm impressed.

Prayer conquers all things -- I'll remember you tomorrow.

barry said...

Wow, blogger is working again in Kg. I'm mighty proud of my plucky best-friend-in-the-whole-world. And also glad to be engaged to her:)

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