Sunday, January 10, 2010

WARNING: Don't look at this blog unless you want to see some rather disturbing pictures of my face

I've been faithfully taking pictures of my face as this whole accident thing has progressed.  Sorry, I was a bit out of it to get a picture right after the accident ;) but I tried my best to be faithful in my picture taking after the initial shock.

So if you're a nursing major or just inclined to muster up the courage to look at my face when it's black, blue, and quite swollen, here you go!

My blissful self with the most good-looking man in the world the week before the accident

The day after the accident (swelling had started to decrease and, if you look closely, you can start to see that my cheek bone was sunken in)

Night before surgery.  I don't look too bad!  And look at that black eye!

Here I am, the evening after surgery.  Yeah, I have to agree, it looked worse after surgery than before!  But my cheek bone is back in place, even if you can't tell because of all the swelling!  That's why I have such a funny look on my face: the swelling kind of pushed my mouth over and it was hard to smile or do anything with my mouth.

Ok, so I have to admit, this is probably the most embarrassing, funny-looking picture of the whole bunch.  The funny looking cap is holding the frozen peas against my cheek - I have to keep ice on it to help the swelling.  And I was trying to smile but, um, yeah, the results were rather... grim.

1.09.10 (Sabbath).  This is 3 days after surgery.  Look at the nice braids my mom made! :D


Johonn said...

Aww poor Christy! I hope your face heals soon!

Jonas said...


If you want to laugh at someone else for a while, go to this URL:

You'll be right as rain in no time. Meanwhile, enjoy that jiggling cheek feeling, and forswear fatness! (Lol, like you will have to worry about it tromping all over the world with my brother.)

Marty said...

Poor dear Christy!!!! I've been praying for you and continue to! I can't wait until you are well enough to be back here for a rousing semester rooming with all of us! :-)

Caitlin said...

Dearest Christy! I glad that the surgery went well. I miss you lots and lots! Big Hug! You are beautiful Christy! You are always beautiful! One of the most beautiful people I know :) Thats a fact not an opinion ;)

Jackie said...

I agree with Caitlin! :) Love you much!!

Christen said...

Ouch! Dear Christy, I'm so glad you were okay other than that, and I pray that you will get better and feel better soon. Way to be positive about it all! I can't wait to see you in person again and give you a great big hug! :D Love ya.

shama said...

True beauty is a meek and gentle spirit. Don't worry, though, you are still beautiful in more ways than one. :)

Allana said...

Oh Christy! Thats awful...I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Don't worry, I didn't do either. Seeing the pictures deepens my sympathy even more than before! I can't wait until you come back next week. By the way I love the frozen peas! Very nice touch.

Kristin said...

Two things to be different from everyone else:
1. I think I could tell from one of the pictures before surgery that there was some nerve damage.
2. I love your bear :)

I am looking forward to seeing you very soon and you're in my prayers. I love you lots.

PS I'm glad you have a worthy black eye story too. It definitely tops any that I've heard thus far.

Amy said...

Ouch! I'm glad the surgery is done and you are getting better. We've been praying for you!

Joel said...

Hey it's not as bad as I imagined:) I'm glad they didn't have to shave your head!
Love ya!

Alex said...

What did you do to the other person?... you only have one black eye so you must not have turned the other cheek - did they get clobbered?

Just be glad it didn't happen a week before your wedding... then again there's still time

Katalin said...

ah Christy! that looks like it hurts so much! I hope your feeling better SOON!
luv ya!

Emily said...

Rather Impressive.

Christy Joy said...

aw man! I should get hurt more often! It's been so nice to get all of your guys' comments!

Thank you everyone for your well wishes! I am doing much better and am looking forward to a soon return to Southern.

John - lol, too bad we couldn't have had our facial incidents at the same time! We would have been twins!

lol Shama, thanks! ;)

Nurse Kristin - yep, nerve damage. Let's hope it goes away at some point. And the bear is quite special :) Ask me about it sometime.

Joel - yeah, well, I was kinda hoping they would have to shave my head! What a great excuse to shave it all off!!

Alex - lol, thanks for your optimistic outlook. Even if something did happen, I'd still get married :) Wild horses couldn't stop me!

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