Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Moab, Utah: Arches National Park and Negro Bill Canyon

After traversing the desolate sand dunes in Colorado, we traveled to Moab, Utah, which is right between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park.

Traveling in the Colorado Mountains:

We were going to try and get a backcountry permit in Canyonlands but because of a delay regarding the shipment of our stuff from Massachusetts to California, we weren't able to get there in time to get a permit.  Instead, we found the local Library where we posted a blog, sent a fax at the local grocery store, and went to the Moab Visitor's center where we learned about some primitive campsites along the Colorado River in a nearby canyon.  So we headed there and set up camp, determining to visit Arches National Park in the morning.

 Sunrise from our campsite

Our little Coracle

Arches National Park in the morning. (Note: From here on, I will put Barry's name under the picture if he was the one who took the photograph.  If there is no name, then I took it.  Barry started taking more pictures and I want to give him due credit :)

That afternoon, we hiked a canyon called Negro Bill's Canyon that was near our campsite.  It was a really cool hike in a narrow canyon with a perennial stream, which is quite rare in this part of the country.  At the end of the hike is the world's 5th longest arch: the Morning Glory Natural Bridge.

Barry was playing around with his filter settings and took this one.  I think it's cool :)

Arches National Park in the evening after a storm:


The next morning we were going to go to Canyonlands National Park but we had another delay at the library and we ran out of time.  We decided to head to Bryce Canyon National Park that afternoon and then head on to Zion National Park the next day.  We had heard that Zion was pretty amazing and we wanted to spend a maximum amount of time there.

Next up: Bryce Canyon National Park


Elwyn Garaza said...

Great shots, you guys! And an adventure, to boot!

healthycells said...

Wow, the outdoors seems so very large out there! That's an amazing picture of the tree framed by the arch.

Little Christen said...

Now you've got me wanting to visit national parks. Excellent pictures, especially the close-ups.

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