Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neat finds

1. Wow...

2. Eagle Mom and Dad with their three eaglets!

3. This awesome wooden puzzle:

4. Beautiful wooden plates!

5. This Radiolab on the topic of music

6. An interesting blog about gardening and DIY.  Check out these two posts:

Oh!  And one more... You've got to check out this adorable, beautiful, priceless book.  Barry and I are going to be just like that when we are 90! :) :)



Christen said...

Aw, that book is really cute. :)

Caitlin said...

That cello piece is incredible! Pretty sure my mouth was hanging open... are you learning that one Christy? :)
The eagles are so interesting! I've been watching that site too off and on.
And I love that they danced in snow at night in the middle of the road! And laughter in the pictures! Their love is beautiful - like the love you two have :)

Kelsey said...

lol.. the eagles remind me unfailingly of Dr. Ekkens :-)

I loved the radio lab, Christy. It has such amazing implications. "Sound is touch at a distance."

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