Wednesday, May 02, 2007

For Kelsey

Stumbling into her dorm room after writing her brain out for nearly two hours, Christy slumped into her chair. Her headache waged war with her exhaustion. Deciding that a drink of cool water would be a good thing for her tired brain, Christy walked over to the sink. She was interrupted by knocking on her door. "Why hello, Kelsey".
What ensued afterwards was a mixture of Christy doing silly, unintelligent things (such as pouring water all over the floor as she attempted to fill her cup with water but missed) and Kelsey laughing at Christy. Thankfully Kelsey was able to cheer Christy up.
Then Kelsey decided that it would be a fun thing to for Christy to put on Caitlin's cheerful hat. That's where this picture comes in. This is a picture of a mentally exhausted Christy and a cheerful energetic Kelsey posing for Christy's most-awesomest mac.

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Kelsey said...

LOL Christy.. thanks for the tribute :P I love the rendition of what ensued after you opened the door...

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