Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Our Role in the Great Controversy

"The pages of history are full of heroes who created for themselves roles of glorious valor which they played at decisive moments. Likewise the pages of history are also full of heroic and glorious roles which never found heroes to perform them. For some reason it seems to me that within the Arab circle there is a role, wandering aimlessly in search of a hero. And I do not know why it seems to me that this role, exhausted by its wandering, has at last settled down, tired and weary, near the borders of our country and is beckoning to us to move, to take up its lines, to put on its costume, since no one else is qualified to play it."

-Gamal Abd al-Nasser, 1955

As I was studying for my exams, this quote from Nasser, the Egyptian leader from 1952-1970, caught my eye. In order to understand fully what he's saying, one must have a better grasp on what is happening in the Middle East during this time--something that would take a while to explain. However, his last sentence has interesting ramifications when applied to the SDA church and more specifically, the SDA youth. (that would be US!) I believe that the time has come (and in fact has been here for quite some time) for energetic young people to take up the cause for Christ. WE are the generation that God wants to play a major role in preparing the world for His SOON return! No one else can play our part. Each of us has individual characteristics and dreams that are completely unique. God has placed us each in our current situations for a reason. YOU have a part to play! What will you do about it?


barry said...

Good point. However, it could be misunderstood by anyone who is
A.) willing to make generalizations about the "Arab cause"
B.) Capable of seeing merely a political, not spiritual message in your comparison.

I don't think your readership will ever fall under either of these mindsets, but the American public is probably a different story.

Christy said...

Good point Barry. I thought that might happen but figured I'd take a risk anyway. But you're right, it could most definitely be misunderstood. Thanks for pointing that out so that future readers won't make that mistake :)

Caitlin said...

fantastic insight - no other human can "play" the part of someone else. Each one offers indispensable value to the cause of Christ. No one else is qualified to fill the needs closest to our hands.... I'm going to ponder this some more :)

Paul said...

Most of us are glad to be heroes--if we get recognition for it. The tough part about being a spiritual hero is that the God gets the glory and we don't get material pay offs until Heaven.
We need to take up the cause, we should be a major role, but, it's just another case of......delayed gratification....

(this is the first comment I've made on a blog since I finished exams--a major landmark:-)

Christy said...

Humans tend to ignore the lasting value of something and choose that which brings a prompt realization of their cravings. I wished I told God more often how grateful I am that there is more to life than just "I see, I want, I have". (hope that made sense)

Paul: Yay for the end of exams! I hope they have left your brain well-exercised! but after every good work-out must come a cool down! Hope you're enjoying a much-deserved break.

And that goes for everyone else who just finished exams as well.

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