Sunday, April 12, 2009

Calm after the [almost] tornado :(

I'm sure many of you heard about the tornadoes here in Tennessee earlier this weekend. Well, it did provide some nice Friday afternoon excitement. (Good running weather too, just in case you were wondering ;>)

I watched the weather unfold from a number of locations: local roads, the frisbee field, Jonathan Gerran's apartment, random spots across campus, basement of the dorm (They caught me and made me go downstairs. I was perturbed.), and my dorm room.

After the dark swirling clouds and gusts of obstreperous wind that brought with it deafening tornado sirens and a nice British lady's voice instructing us all to take cover came a softening sky filled with sunlit clouds and soft hues of peace. I only had the time to take a quick shot from my dorm room:

P.S. The author would like to thank the absent Timothy Morgan G. for providing yummy sorbet for her tornado watching experience. It hit the spot.


Johonn said...

That was cool. Also kinda freaky.
I'm glad that nothing hit southern. :)

The original blog of the Invincible Giant Peach said...

I'm incredulous!! You actually broke into my freezer and ate my sorbet!! The tornado alert was pretty suite though, I go the alert on my way down to Georgia, and was disappointed that I wasn't there.

Saralyn said...

Christy, I enjoyed your account of the adventure. That was quite the storm. If you wanted some real excitement... you could have tried coraling three kids into the hallway and keeping them seated on the mattress there! ; ) Maybe I should have been more concerned...but I kept putting laundry away, sweeping the floor, watching out the window and listening for the loudspeakers, leaving Nicole on the matress with the three rambunctious little ones.

Kelsey said...

I enjoyed running in the weather too, although it was a little muggy. But once the sirens went off, I remembered the damage from when we went to help last year and took refuge in the girls' dorm. It was fun. :)

Lee Ryan said...

Another great picture!

Alex said...

sounds a lot more exciting than our tornado experience up here at AU - I heard that the drill was going to be at 10:00 and planned my trip off campus to the post office accordingly so as not to waste time waiting in the basement of some building on a clear day. when I got back half an hour later ( I killed a few minutes at the local hardware store too) they still hadn't started the drill so I had to leave again.

Christy Joy said...

Timmy - I did NO such thing! No breaking-into was involved! I simply opened the freezer, removed sorbet, and consumed.

Saralyn - I should have included the Parker household in my tornado roamings. Sounds like a great vantage point from which to view the excitement!

Alex - lol, you're attempt to avoid the drill seems oddly familiar. Except ours wasn't a drill.

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