Friday, April 03, 2009

Pre-dawn Delicacies

Jen likes to cook. And I like to eat. It's a good combination at 4 in the morning! Last week she brought me coconut-chocolate covered strawberries. This week it was Tangerine Coconut Blackberry Pancakes with home-made Blackberry Syrup. Can anyone say "YUMMY!"?


Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Wow girl, that looks delicious! Did you happen to get the recipe for the pancakes? : )

Christy Joy said...

Yes, it definitely was delicious!

Trying to pin down a recipe from Jen is like trying to hold sand in a clinched fist. However, I was able to glean a few tidbits! I think she used a normal pancake recipe but then substituted coconut milk and the juice from one tangerine instead of water.

emily said...

Ooh! I saw her deposit something to you, but I didn't realize WHAT! Next time... I will have to stop and say hi... :)

Jen said...

christy, maybe we should form a partnership and start a special sunrise cafe. i nominate you to be my official taste tester. :D

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