Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sabbath Recipe

1 beautiful Sabbath afternoon
A healthy dose of nature
A handful of friends (including the mischievous Timothy George and Andrew Fisher)
1 Canon G9 camera


Nature + Human:

Timothy Morgan George:

Andrew Kenton Fisher:

Timothy + Andrew:

Narrow, curvy country road + three girls in a toyota:


Emily said...

I love the pictures! so much fun:)

Johonn said...

where is that? It looks like a really cool place!
cool pictures, btw

Christy Joy said...

Suck Creek. Near the TN river. Off the same exit that you would take if you were going to Signal Mtn.

Kelsey said...

HEY!!! that's a giant red mite ("might") on the dandelion!!

Beautiful pictures: I really like the first macro photo.

sarah said...

my favorite sabbath this semester!

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