Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hello friends, Goodbye friends

I was out on the biology trails today...

...and I met some new friends. Hello friends!

This little guy appeared to be climbing up thin air. But then I realized he was on the tiniest of silk-strings. He very patiently endured the large black lens pointed at him and continued his trek upwards. I was amazed at his persistence. He just kept going up! And believe me, the tree was a LONG ways up there. I photographed him until he was too high for me to reach. And still he continued, upwards and forward. I hope he made it. I wonder what his mission was. I bet he's resting on some cozy leaf high up in that tree right this minute. Goodbye friend.

This gal was the coolest little bug ever. She was also amazingly hard to photograph. I need to get a macro lens. I was able get a few pictures that showed her tiny little body with this incredibly random fluffy cotton-like stuff coming out of her back. She happily crawled round and round on my foot as I took pictures. She must have been getting her exercise in for the day. Finally, after enduring her tickling toes as log as I could, I gently blew her off into the leaves. Goodbye friend.

I was so completely distracted by my new friends that time flew by and I realized that I was mightily late for the post-finals party over at the Student Park. I ran back to my room, took a quick shower, hastily cut my onion (lol, yes Emily Fisher ;>), and ran over to the pavilion to hang out with my human friends. It's so awesome to have so many friends all together in one place. And it's really sad too, because many of them are there for the last time. So we ate and laughed, talked and cried (well, I didn't, but maybe somebody did), slack-lined and played Frisbee. I love those people. Here are a few pictures of some of my friends who are leaving, some for good and some for just a year. Kelsey, Barry, Bekah, Andrew, Roland, Linnea, Lorrie, Jackie, and many more. They will be missed. Goodbye friends. :(

But guess what!? Friends are returning as well! It's incredible how when someone leaves, you get so used to life without them. It's going to be so weird to have Joel, Kristin, Ivan, Caitlin, and several other old friends back next year. I can't wait. Hello friends! :)


Lorrie said...

>hugs< it's never goodbye though.. I refuse to believe that. We'll be seeing each other in time, sooner or later. :) <3

Bivan said...

Hi hi just wait till I'm actually back and you have to put up with me again before you get to excited. :)

shama said...

This is a bitter-sweet time of year... :()

Chopsticks on Oboe said...
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Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Christy! I just left a note on your blog and thought that it was Kelsey's blog!! :-) So I removed that post, and have to write one with you in mind! (sheepish grin).

I really liked your blog! You do such a good job expressing yourself! It will be really fun being back at Southern with you next year! Are you going to be in the dorm, or student housing? I will miss you being my suitemate! We'll definitely have to get together sometime though!

What are your plans for this summer?

Christy Joy said...

Ivan: lol, we'll just see... and open your curtains for pete's sake! you need sunlight!

Martina: lol, I didn't mind the note to kelsey, though i was a bit confused! :)

I'm going to be in the dorm again next year. Maybe I'm weird but I like the dorm. :) Where will you be when you come back? And yes, we'll definitely have to do lots of fun things next year! :D

This summer I'm going to be at Camp Cherokee again. I'm really looking forward to the simplicity that comes with being in the beautiful Adirondack wilderness. Camp can be stressful but it is a welcome break from schoolwork and all the other worries that can bring. Maybe you can come visit!

Jackie said...

I agree with Lorrie, it's never "goodbye". It's more of a "see you later" ;) Everything has a time. I'm thankful we have camp :D

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