Monday, April 06, 2009

Pensive Skies

Today was a beautiful day. I love dark grey skies contrasted with bright green grass. Add a healthy dose of wind and a few shafts of sunlight piercing through and the day is just about perfect.

Here's a panorama picture I took in Knoxville 2 weekends ago right before it began to pour down raining. The sky was amazing!


Jen said...

i love the clouds!

allana said...

I know where that is ;) Couldn't agree more about clouds. Good panorama shot!

Kelsey said...

It's so interesting that nature seems so often to mirror our moods. Perhaps we just isolate the things that identify with how we feel. But I think sometimes God sends us weather too, as the storm was sent on the Sea of Galilee (DA says the disciples minds were filled with the storm of doubt and so God sent a storm).

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