Friday, May 22, 2009

From Me to You!

I wish you could all be here to smell the lilacs with me. They're my favorite.

Or to take a rainy days walk with me

Or discover mossy and sun splashed rocks that we can sit on and ponder the world

or do silly things with little kids

I wish you were here to notice the little things

the big things

the hidden things

and the beautiful things

Wish You Were Here!


Jen said...

christy, i miss you!

Emily said...

Ahh- Sounds like Christy is having lonely adventures. Twould be lots of fun!

Christy Joy said...

Not too lonely, Emily :) Solitude (if not in excess) can be good for the soul. But it would be fun to have one of our big, Southern-style gatherings. With lots of yummy food! Mmmm....

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