Thursday, May 07, 2009

Summer Goals

Overall Goals: : A symmetrical character and an undormant will!

"The symmetrical structure of a strong, beautiful character is built up by individual acts of duty. And faithfulness should characterize our life in the least as well as in the greatest of its details. Integrity in little things, the performance of little acts of fidelity and little deeds of kindness, will gladden the path of life; and when our work on earth is ended, it will be found that every one of the little duties faithfully performed has exerted an influence for good - an influence that can never perish." -P & P, p. 574

"When invalids have nothing to occupy their time and attention, their thoughts become centered upon themselves, and they grow morbid and irritable. Many times they dwell upon their bad feelings until they think themselves much worse than they really are and wholly unable to do anything.... The will goes with the labor of the hands; and what these invalids need is to have the will aroused. When the will is dormant, the imagination becomes abnormal, and it is impossible to resist disease." -MH, p. 240

Specific Goals [to be done prior to the beginning of camp (June 19)]:

1. Write Camp Cherokee's "Bound for the Promised Land" Program
2. Exercise
-longer runs
-more trail runs
-keep up swimming (lakes)
-get more into biking
3. Go on some short backpacking/canoeing trips with Joel
4. Become proficient at driving a manual transmission (I know how but I've never had to drive a stick-shift long enough to feel completely comfortable.)
5. Become more diverse in my cooking skills (i.e. Cook things that I normally don't like and have avoided cooking in the past)
6. Become a better hymn sight-reader on the piano
7. Practice my cello!
8. Finish Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis and read other thought-provoking books.
9. Finish knitting my Glittens (Mittens with fingers on them)
10. Simplify my possessions


Alex said...

very noble goals. I especially like #10 as I have been intending to do this myself for quite some time (I still have boxes of junk from ten years ago) but time and motivation never seem to overlap their vusits (more often than not it is the time that is lacking).

Kristin said...

You've inspired me. I need to make some goals and have some purpose. I also need to make a to-do list (there are some messes from me being gone so long).

Oh, and "Mere Christianity"- amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much or more than I did.

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