Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I hate saying goodbye to things. I'm a self-diagnosed packrat. I get it from my Dad. He keeps everything, just in case he (or his great-great-great grand kids) might need it one day a hundred years in the future. ;) I have cards, trinkets, and random (and by random, I really DO mean RANDOM/ODD/WACKY/UNUSUAL, etc, etc) other odds-n-ends in various "special" locations around my room. In an effort to get rid of stuff, I've been throwing away items that are somehow "lesser". Don't worry, though, I'm not throwing away ALL my treasures! I still have plenty left if you ever want to see what kinds of things I deem as precious. lol.

I also keep old notes and papers from school. The other day, I reluctantly threw away my notes from my high school pre-calculus class. It is just so hard to get rid of something that represents so much of my time! I spent innumerable hours both in class and out of class studying from those notes! Each page became a friend to me and I feel like I'm somehow betraying them just to dump them in a trash bag. What would my pre-calculus teacher, Mr. McNeilus, think of my behavior! If he were dead, he'd roll over in his grave! (What do people do when they're not dead? 0.o) Those dear notes should at least have a decent ending... a burning, a tornado, or SOMETHING! But, alas, my rational side wags its finger at my sentimental side and insists that I leave them in the bag. *sigh*

My microbiology notes were a different story. You may be a bit shocked at my dedication (as am I) but I sure put effort into that class. (I have my dear nursing friend, Kasey Harden, to thank for that. She was an inspiration!) I spent hours rewriting my hastily scrawled notes from Dr. Foster's lectures onto sharp, white pages. I drew pretty pictures of cell walls, protozoans, and other such fascinating structures, and I reorganized the content in a way that my brain would best remember it. Aaah, they were beautiful! I lent them out time and time again in the following semesters as distressed nursing-program hopefuls came to me confused and disoriented regarding their microbiology class.

Well, you might have guessed it, I found them today. And my goal is to SIMPLIFY, remember? And, for me, that means THROWING THINGS AWAY! I mean, really, when will I need those notes again, anyway? I won't. If I ever have a question about parasites, I can google it. I patted the pages mournfully. "I'm sorry, dear notes, but it's time to say goodbye." I carefully placed them in the trash bag, gave them one final glance, and then went back to my sorting. But I just couldn't do it. I couldn't leave them there! I went back and got them out, trying to rationalize keeping them. But I couldn't do that, either. So I placed them back in. But a few minutes later I was back again. Argh! Finally, I had my solution. I would take a few pictures of them and then blog about them. THAT would be a fitting ending. At least they would be remembered and given their due credit. So here I am, blogging about my microbiology notes. (Yes, I do realize the absurdity of this post.)

I went through a similar process with my Calculus notes, though I wasn't quite as attached to those as I was to my micro notes. However, I took a picture of them too, so they could be honored as well. Oh, and the last picture - that's just for fun. I found it floating around in my post-07/08-school-year-box. I'm serious, you wouldn't believe the stuff I have stashed away, just for memories sake!

A page of my micro notes and a page of my calculus notes:

Happy Little Viruses! :D (specifically for Jen!)


Amy said...

I also have too many "treasures" stashed around my room. I have even organized overflow "treasures" in boxes in my closet labeled "A-1" "A-2" etc. Then, I have a little book with listings for each box and what it contains. This is my mother's method of packing in preparation of a move (which is something we haven't done 17 years, hence my great accumulation of these "treasures"). I've recently thinned down on these treasures, but am planning to do so even more. =)

Kelsey said...

Well Christy, you could organize a mock tornado to be contained in your very own room. It has the potential for great enjoyment, but could ruin things that you indeed want to keep.

I've been taking my old papers to the recycling center. It helps me feel they still have a purpose : )

Laurel said...

I have the same problem... I have many old papers sitting in boxes awaiting their destiny... And I want to keep them (even though I realize they should probably be tossed)! : ) Your blog is a fitting memory of many hours of work!

Little Christen said...

Wow, Christy! You weren't kidding when you said you were going to simplify! I too am something of a pack-rat. I have all of my notes, quizzes, homework, etc. from classes all the way back to 8th grade...I guess I should go through that stuff and trash it too. But parting with my dear college notes and homework is still off limits, maybe until I'm done with grad-school. ;) Thanks for inspiring me to downsize too. :D I guess what comes next is a trip to the attic.

barry said...

I have quite the opposite problem. I'll probably end up poverty stricken and stranded one day with a long trail of treasure strewn behind me.

Christy Joy said...

Amy: That is incredible! I can't even imagine such organization!

Kelsey: mmmm.... a mock tornado...!! What fun that would be! Maybe I should invite all my friends and then if we all blow in the right direction and run around in circles, we could create a strong enough wind tunnel to duplicate a tornado! Yay! Get-together at Christy's house! Come one, come all!

Laurel: Well, treasure KEEPING isn't all bad either. Just think what fun you're children will have when going through all your old boxes! :)

Barry: Maybe it's a girl thing... Though I do believe Joel has similar tendencies as me as well, if his room is any indication.

Chopsticks on Oboe said...

Christy! I know the feeling of being sad when throwing things out. I'm going to go through my stuff in the basement when I get home and try to throw out a bunch of "treasures" too. It's rough. I do have a Malawian carved box that I keep my most precious treasure in :-) It's good to have a few memories of the past!

Jen said...

dear illustrator christy
yay. i love it. happy little viruses. since i am regular reader of your blog, i would like to request this post will be followed with a door prize for a free microscope. and i also promptly enter myself in your new microscope give away. oh boy. sciencey door prizes are soo much fun. and if someone else wins that free microscope, could a get a copy of a few more illustrations from your "Happy little cell" series. they are cool. wootness!

Jessie Lee said...

Hi Christy:) Thanks for the comment...Oh & I can definitely relate to this one:) I was just doing the same thing a week ago: weeding through class notes, trying get the courage to chuck the the ones I had an emotional attachment to, etc...esp. the ones from SAU...And about the graham crackers; I thought I was the only one who ate them with milk until I hung out with you guys that one time:) That was pretty funny:) I didn't know there was any other method beside John's. Your way could be good if I didn't eat so slow:) But unlike you, I'm not brave enough to even try Andrew's smoothie:) Haha.

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