Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just As Moses Lifted Up the Serpent in the Wilderness...

This week I've faced a hard task. On Sunday, I finished writing all the Moses skits for camp. That just left the Friday evening program: the Passion Play.

Today I faced an even harder task. It was time to write about the crucifixion.

To be honest, I haven't spent much time in the New Testament in the last couple months. But today I spent the whole day thinking about the most pivotal moment in our world's, no - our universe's, history: the death of Christ.

My life was changed.

Submission. Humility. Surrender. It is written all over the scenes of Calvary

Now I understand why EGW says that we should spend time each day reflecting on the Cross. From now on, I'm going to begin my devotional time with Calvary.

I went out to the back field this evening. I found my favorite rusty metal chair that sits abandoned in a thick patch of grass. The sun warmed my skin and rustled the tall grass. And all I could do was worship the incredible God who counted it a joy bear my shame. My selfish prayers fell away in light of what He did for me. I could not think of myself when all day long I had been thinking of Him.

Solemn Joy. It filled my being. It begged to be expressed in some tangible form. I began to run and twirl, just for some visible way to show God the wonder that was spilling forth from my soul.

Darkness falls now and the creek is loud in my ears. Tears are streaming down my face as I write this. I want so badly to convey to you how wonderful, how wide, how deep, how fathomless Christ's love is for you. But my words fall short. Words will never do justice to Love itself. So please, from the bottom of my heart, stop whatever you're doing and go read the story of Christ's death. For He is infinitely Holy. So go, and

Behold the Lamb


Jessie Lee said...

If you ever enjoy listening to sermons, I think you would greatly appreciate Herb Montgomery. (You may have already heard of him.) They are awesome...all about the love of God!! That love I will never understand, but I want to more & more... Thanks for all your hard work at camp!! http://www.renewedheartministries.com/sermons.asp

Shaila Meharry said...

I am touched by the beauty of God that shines through you. And by your openess.
Yes. We do serve an amazing God whose deep love is incomprehensible!
Thank you for sharing.
Love you!

Christy Joy said...

Jessie - Thanks so much for the sermon tip! I'm going to listen to one while I drive to camp tomorrow morning! :D

Shaila - I have been touched by you this week as well! I was just telling Caitlin that last night :) And thanks again for the AMAZING shoulder rub today!! :D

barry said...

I will.

Little Christen said...

I wish I could see your skits and plays, especially your take on the crucifixion following this experience. Can someone record them?? I know you've worked hard on them, and I don't doubt that many children will make their decisions for Christ because of your efforts combined with the Holy Spirit's tug on their hearts. :)

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