Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Productivity or Mediocrity?

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of camp planning. This past week was staff training up at camp and then we spent the weekend at camp-meeting. Now I'm home again helping with the house and continuing to work on the camp program. Here's a few things that have been on my to-do list:

1 Mount Nebo
1 Abraham's Well
1 Passion play (7 pages)
1 Pharaoh costume
1 Egyptian Princess costume
1 Egyptian Prince costume
1 Passover doorpost (thanks Teddy!)
1 Moses' Staff (thanks Teddy!)
2 Angel costumes
2 Passion play rehearsals
2 Daily skit rehearsals
3 Pyramids (4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft - thanks P. Dan and Amanda!)
4 Pharisee headdresses
4 Egyptian servant costumes
4 Amelekite costumes
13 Moses skits (22 pages)
+ countless other props, casting lists, and schedules.

In the works:
1 small chariot (thanks Teddy!)
1 red sea (thanks Jen and Caitlin!)
1 Staff Intro
1 Egyptian Banner
7 one foot high tables for Egyptian teen night (thanks Teddy!)
10 ten-commandment activities
+ a host of other details

(And that's just programming! That's not counting CPR re-certification, the hours in staff meetings, waterfront drills, and so many other staff-training work assignments.)

Seems like I've been pretty productive lately, right?

Yet, have I really? Or have I been hovering in the life-draining bog of mediocrity? Have I really been pursuing excellence for my King?

What you don't see in that list is the time I've wasted; the times that I have just wanted to do nothing. The times that I knew I should be working on something but didn't. Like right now, for instance.

No matter how successful or productive I may appear, God and myself are the only ones who accurately know the true measure of my achievement. It matters not what others think; if I know that I could have done better, what satisfaction do I really have in what I have completed?

How much more could I have accomplished if I had pursued excellence in everything, at all times!

I want Camp Cherokee's program this summer to be the BEST! But not so that I may gain glory. I want it to be great because God deserves my best, my all, my everything. He deserves excellence! When I give Him that, my other goals will fall into place:
1. Campers will gain a better perspective of God and His incredible, personal interest in their lives.
2. Others will be able to see God's strength in my weakness.

Are you pursuing excellence? Or are you doing less than you could, even though everyone else thinks you are doing amazing?

Your King knows.


Little Christen said...

Wow! That's quite a convicting thought. The question now is: what can I do to fix it?

I wish I could see your skits!!! Can you find someone to record them? Of course, that'd be one more thing to add to your list...

Oh. And one more thing. Save me that Egyptian princess costume, will you? Lol. ;) Love you. Thanks for your inspiring thoughts.

healthycells said...

These angel costumes are amazingly celestial. I can almost hear the angels singing already! Can't wait to see the Passion Play :)

No one would ever guess that you made them out of bed sheets!

Christy Joy said...

Christen - My Grammy has also requested that it be videotaped. I will do my best! And I SO wish you were at camp so that I could have given you that part! That would have been GREAT! Guess who's going to be doing it...! KRISTIN! lol We'll have to take a picture! ;)

Mom - The bed sheets wouldn't have looked 1/2 as good without the most essential addition from Joanne's clearance rack that you found! Thanks for all your help on my sewing projects. I would still be sitting in a pile of fabric and patterns if it weren't for your expert coaching! I still am amazed at how you figured out how to combine the two patterns! Brilliant!

Amy said...

I really appreciated this thought, Christy! T'is something I need to ponder and digest and act upon.

Heather said...

I needed that

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