Sunday, June 07, 2009

As Promised: My Blog Recital

Welcome to my Blog Recital! Thank you so much for coming! Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. It is kindly requested that you turn off all cellular devices and refrain from the use of flash photography. The program will begin momentarily.

Program Notes:
  • I didn't dress up for this recital. I had just come in from working outside and I figured that since it was my blog recital, I could dress however I wanted. Hence, the casual attire. :D
  • Our piano is slightly out of tune. Sorry!
  • I didn't have a pianist for the cello piece. So I'm playing it without the accompaniment. Sorry, I know that's not very recital-like but I hope you enjoy it anyway :)
  • If things go flat (lol), you can always press mute or turn the video off completely. I will never know!
  • My piano goal was just to become a better sight reader. Therefore, I did not decide what song I was going to play until just before I videoed myself playing it.
  • It is with great trepidation that I am posting this blog knowing that many of my readers are quite accomplished musicians. I do not even claim to be half as good as you guys. Treat me like you would treat a 5 year-old Suzuki player playing Twinkle at their very first recital.
  • Reception to follow located in your kitchen. I hope you enjoy the yummy smoothie that awaits you. (After you make it, of course!)



Kristin said...

:D Thank you for sharing

Joel said...

Sounds lovely! I liked the guest star too ;) I'm glad you had a recital so we could all have refreshments... Can't wait until the guitar recital!

Little Christen said...

Yay! :D I was highly impressed by your piano sight-reading capabilities! I'd like to hear you play the piano more often. Now you've got me wanting to practice. lol. Love ya.

barry said...

Christy, I'm impressed. Giving Blog recitals is a gutsy thing to do. Maybe I should give it a whirl myself.
I second Joel's appreciation of the guest star!

Christy Joy said...

Joel - I said nothing about a guitar recital! Besides, you get a personal guitar recital several times a week. Why would you want a blog one? :)

Christen - Well, thank you for being highly impressed though I don't think my playing was worthy of all that :) But yes, by all means, go practice! I would love to hear your skills next semester :D

Barry - lol, gutsy only because, unlike the 5 year-old at her first concert, I know exactly how many mistakes I made and how awful it truly sounded! The 5 year-old usually has no clue! I just hope everyone had the mind to plug their ears at the rough spots!

Note to Kelsey: Sorry, but I haven't learned how to transpose hymns into every single key yet. You'll have to teach me that skill when you return from Ethiopia :)

barry said...

Give me a break. You sounded just fine, maybe not super polished, but definitly not "truly awful". I just like the fact you were willing to put yourself out on a limb. Such risks are good, even--or perhaps especially--if we feel a little less self-important afterwards.

Christy Joy said...

lol, your comment made me laugh. :) Thank you, Barry, for appreciating my willingness to make a fool out of myself... haha, ok, ok, I'm sorry - I just couldn't help it! ;) Seriously though, I appreciate the compliment. In the future, I'll be more gracious in my acceptance of it. And don't worry, if I truly thought that my playing was so incredibly awful, than I don't think I would have posted it in the first place. Despite my best efforts, my pride is still somewhat intact.

But you're right, it's probably very good to be lowered every once in a while. Especially when you're someone like me who doesn't really have a low self-esteem in the first place. lol. I could do well to have a great many more blog recitals if every time I posted one, I felt less self-important afterwards.

barry said...

Good, good. Keep up the balancing.

Jonas said...

I was excited to see that the cello video had five stars on it :) Your performance didn't disappoint. I've never played that piece, but it has a crazy amount of open intervals (hard to get in tune for non-cellist's info) and you nailed most of them.

Kelsey said...

Excellent Christy! I must say, one of my favorite things about the recital was the angle of the camera in relation to your cello bow.

Christy, I would love to teach you to transpose. The reason I started is because it used to make my brain hurt. However, I thought your piano part demonstrated excellent sight reading skills.

Christy Joy said...

John - Thank you for your expert appraisal! Your observation was gratefully received :)

Kelsey - haha! I'm so glad you noticed that! I figured that people could always admire my nice bow-hold if they got bored! :D lol, you learned to do that because it made your brain hurt?! My Kelsey, you are one-of-a-kind! Looking forward to my first lesson. I'll be sure to bring some acetaminophen and a helmet ;)

Danielle said...

Nice Job Christy, I enjoyed your recital! Perhaps this is just the beginning of blog recital phenomena, do you have anymore coming up? :D

Christy Joy said...

Why thank you, Danielle :) Currently, there are no plans for another blog recital though Joel wants me to have a guitar blog recital so that he has an excuse to eat more refreshments!

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