Monday, June 01, 2009

Hurricane Friends

The 2009 Hurricane season officially begins today. I think it's really awesome that the hurricanes are given names. They recycle them every six years (too bad). Here's the list for this year and also the Western North Pacific storm list. Some of them are really funny.

I was searching for my friend's names and found quite a few.

Atlantic Storms:
2010 - Alex
2010 - Danielle
2010 - Nicole
2011 - Don (that's my dad's name, in case you were wondering)
2011 - Emily
2011 - Sean
2013 - Andrea
2013 - Barry
2013 - Erin
2014 - Teddy
Eastern North Pacific Storms:
2009 - Carlos
2009 - Felicia
2010 - Zeke
2011 - Adrian
2012 - Kristy
2012 - Paul
2013 - Barbara

Oh, and in the Philippine region in 2011, there just might be a hurricane named Zigzag!

I'm getting tired of looking at hurricane names but if you want to look into it more, click here.


Jen said...

yay for hurricane season :D
too bad the beach is far away and I will miss all the good waves this year. Someday, we should go surfing together when there are big waves. ooo. so fun! makes for a healthy pancreas ;)

Shaila said...

Whoever got to pick these names?
... Jen must have a super healthy pancreas!
maybe we should plan a trip to meet Zigzag! anybody interested?

Caitlin said...

EDIT - the previous post was me, not something my logical practical sister would normally say

Kristin said...

Whatever happened to Q, X, Y, and Z?

barry said...

Hm, in 2013, I think I shall sail from Maine to Amsterdam during hurricane season. I ought to experience my own storm.

Kelsey said...

that's funny.. one of the first thoughts I had when I started reading this post was, "I wish they'd name a hurricane after me!" But then, I might not want the publicity...

Christy Joy said...

Caitlin - Hmm... a trip to meet Zigzag... That would be so much fun! How spontaneous in such a planned way!

Kristin - Q, X, Y, & Z are kind of hard to tell apart after several years. I suppose they'd have to get creative: "Well, folks, it looks like another hurricane is upon us. Hurricane Q to the 50th power is bearing down on the Florida panhandle like a train out of control."

Barry - I heartily agree. ...Just don't die. Maybe by that time I'll be a professional rescuer for the coast guard. However, I'd rather not have to come rescue Barry who was caught in Hurricane Barry.

Kelsey - Just publicity among your friends :)

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