Sunday, June 21, 2009

Extravagantly Simple

Rain is tapping on the roof. Loons are calling far off across the lake. The evening’s sky is gently darkening from one shade of blue-grey to the next. I am about ten feet away from the lake, where the sky is reflected on the placid waters. No, I’m not sitting on the cold clammy dock. I am sitting on my bed.

Yep, that’s right, my bed is 10 feet from the water. I am staying in the premier nesting spot at camp (at least in my opinion. Fortunately for me, not everyone agrees with me.) It’s a lean-to that opens right out to the water. I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am every time I come to my “room.” I’ve been sitting here grinning at the gloriousness of it for going on 10 minutes now!

Tonight I am going to bed with the sun and tomorrow I will rise with the sun. Life is extravagantly simple here in this lean-to next to this incredible lake. Simple because I am unencumbered by the clutter of life. I have what I need: my sleeping bag, my water bottle, my Bible, my guitar, my webbing, my backpack, and a few other odds’n’ends. Only what I need is here. Simple. Yet incredibly extravagant because I feel so wondrously blessed to be here in this place, surrounded by such majesty. Extravagant because my God is here with me. He is so big and so deep and so wide, that He fills every piece of nature in my sight with messages of His boundless love.

Now, I will sing a hymn, climb into my cozy warm sleeping bag, and go to sleep, acknowledging my God’s infinite goodness. Good night :)

**Note: Now, two nights after I wrote the above blog, I have discovered two down-falls to my still-incredibly-awesome resting place. 1. The mosquitoes seem to be attracted to my hair conditioner. My solution: wear a hoodie to bed. 2. I just killed a rather LARGE spider that crawled out from UNDER MY PILLOW! Yeah, um, not so cool. So then I decided to shake out all my blankets. I was not at all consoled to find another spider (thankfully it was only a daddy-long-leg) hiding beneath my sleeping bag. Solution: ???. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the spiders. *sigh* But that’s OK. I am still incredibly psyched with my little house!


Amy said...

Christy, I empathize... spiders and pillows are not happy arrangements! Perfect solution: get a mosquito net!!! Too bad they aren't more readily available in the States... they just hang in the shops in Bolivia! (And, if you did have one, I'd warn you to keep it tucked in very well at all times! Otherwise, you may still wake up to find a spider INSIDE the mosquito net with you.) Other than the eight-leggers, your dwelling sounds lovely!!

Christy Joy said...

:) Thanks for the tip, Amy! I bet you have a lot of experience with spiders and mosquito nets from your time in Bolivia!

I must say, I've come to rather enjoy the mosquitoes, at least in the mornings. They become like 2nd, 3rd, and 4th alarm clocks! It's very helpful if I've turned off my alarm! ;)

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